Advisory Opinion 197

Subject: Lobbying/Donations to underwrite an event


Requested By: Mike Flood, Speaker of the Legislature and DiAnna Schimek, State Senator


Questions Presented: 1) Are donations by lobbyists and principals to underwrite an event reportable expenditures? 2) If so, how and when should these expenditures be reported?


Conclusion: See analysis.


Advisory Opinion 196

Subject: Campaign Finance/Major Out-of-State Contributors


Requested By: Diane Schachterle, Director of Policy Planning, American Civil Rights Coalition


Question Presented: Does donor information need to be disclosed by a major out-of-state contributor on its reports?


Conclusion: Yes. See Analysis.


Advisory Opinion 195

Subject: Campaign Finance/Use of Campaign Funds for Legislative Website

Requested By: Bill Avery, State Senator, District 28

Questions Presented: 1) May campaign funds be used to create and maintain a legislative website? 2) May legislative staff and resources be used to update the site and engage in constituent communications?

Conclusion: Yes as to each question presented.

Advisory Opinion 194

Subject: Conflicts of Interest/Outside Business Interests

Requested By: Willis Roethemeyer, Lincoln County Commissioner

Question Presented: Does a County Board Member/Private Developer have a conflict of interest as to proposed county zoning regulation amendments?

Conclusion: No.

Advisory Opinion 193


Subject: Conflicts of Interest/Outside Business Interests

Requested By: Shane Osborn, Nebraska State Treasurer

Question Presented: Can the Nebraska State Treasurer provide consultation services to a business in which he has an ownership interest?

Conclusion: Yes.

Advisory Opinion 192

Subject:  Campaign Finance /Campaign Finance Limitation Act

Requested By:  State Senator Pam Redfield

Question Presented:  Is a term limited State Senator required to file affidavits pursuant to the Campaign Finance Limitation Act?

Conclusion:  No.

Advisory Opinion 191

Subject:  Campaign Finance / Use of Campaign Funds

Requested By:  L. Steven Grasz on behalf of Lorelee Byrd

Questions Presented:  May the campaign funds of a candidate committee be used to pay legal expenses?

Conclusion:  No, unless the legal expenses are campaign related.


Advisory Opinion 190

Subject:  Conflicts of Interest / Interest in a Contract

Requested By:  Dale Dvorak and Ray Branstiter, Nebraska Department of Roads.

Questions Presented:  May the Nebraska Department of Roads contract with one of its own employees to mow a section of the state right-of-way?

Conclusion:  Yes.

Advisory Opinion 188

Subject: Conflicts of Interest; Interest in a Contract


Requested by: Glenn D. Johnson, Joint Antelope Valley Authority and Barbara Morley, Lower Platte South Natural Resources District


Question Presented: Does a director of an NRD have an interest in a contract with her governing body if the potential contract is between the director and an Interlocal Agency of which the NRD is a member?


Conclusion: No.