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Street Location: Centre Terrace Bldg, 1225 L Street #400, Lincoln, Nebraska (do not send U.S. Mail to this address)
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 95086, Lincoln, NE 68509

The Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission is an independent agency of the State of Nebraska. The Commission administers and enforces the State’s campaign finance laws, its laws lobbying, and its conflict of interest laws.

Information Available on this site

Campaign Finance

This site includes the campaign statements filed with the Commission by candidates for state and local offices, political action committees or PACs, political parties, and ballot question committees. Campaign statements disclose the amount and sources of contributions to the committee and the amount purposes of expenditures by the committee. The site also includes Reports of Contributions filed with the Commission by corporations, unions, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and by industry, trade or professional associations. Reports of Contributions disclose contributions and expenditures made to support or oppose candidates or ballot questions. Forms, instructional materials and a list of committees may be accessed through this site. To access the information described in this paragraph, click on the tab above marked CAMPAIGN FINANCE.


This site includes information filed by lobbyists and principals. A lobbyist is a person who attempts to affect matters before the Nebraska Legislature on behalf of another. A principal is the person or entity on whose behalf the lobbyist engages in lobbying activities. Lobbyists must register with the Clerk of the Legislature and file Quarterly Lobbyist Reports. A lobbyist quarterly report discloses the receipts and expenditures of the lobbyist. Within forty-five days after the end of the legislative session, lobbyists must file a Statement of Activity. Statements of Activity disclose which legislative bills the lobbyist supported or opposed on behalf of the principal. Principals must file Quarterly Principal Reports. A principal quarterly report discloses the receipts and expenditures of the principal. Forms and instructional materials for lobbyists and principals are available through this site. To access the information described in this paragraph, click on the tab above marked LOBBYING.

Conflicts of Interest

Public officials and public employees of the State of Nebraska are subject to laws requiring the disclosure of personal financial interests, interests in contracts with government and potential conflicts of interests. Forms and instructional materials are available through this site. To access this information, click on the tab above marked CONFLICTS OF INTEREST.


Persons or entities who fail to timely file reports of statements are subject to late filing fees. Violations of the NPADA may result in a civil penalty of up to $5,000 per violation. Individuals may file complaints with the Commission alleging violations of the NPADA. To view information on late filing fees assessed, Commission orders finding violations or the filing of a complaint, click on the tab above marked ENFORCEMENT.

Advisory Opinions

Opinions Digest

Any person or entity covered or affected by the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act may apply to the Commission for a formal Advisory Opinion. A request for an Advisory Opinion must be in writing and set forth the matter at issue. Requests posing a hypothetical situation or regarding the activities of a third party do not qualify as formal Advisory Opinions. For information about requesting an Advisory Opinion, contact the Commission's General Counsel.

View Advisory Opinions issued by the Commission

Important Dates

Annual Campaign Statement for calendar year 2021 due 1/31/22.

2022 Election

2022 Statewide Primary Election - 5/10/22
1st Primary - 4/11/22
2nd Primary - 5/2/22
Post Primary - 6/21/22

2022 Statewide General Election - 11/8/22
1st General - 10/11/22
2nd General - 10/31/22
Post General - 1/17/23