Rules and Regulations

Rule 1 - Rules of Practice and Procedure

Rule 2 - Designation of Individuals Required to File Statements of Financial Interest

Rule 3 - Withdrawal of Funds for Petty Cash (Repealed 10/29/99)

Rule 4 - Rules and Regulations for Dissolution of Committees

Rule 5 - Rules and Regulations for the Conduct of Meetings Subject to the Provisions of the Public Meetings Act

Rule 6 - Rules and Regulations for Lobbying

Rule 7 - Rules and Regulations for Indentifying Political Action Committees, Independent Committees, and Ballot Question Committees

Rule 8 - Designation of Printed or Reproduced Items Exempt from Disclaimer Requirements and Rules and Regulations on the Size and Placement of Disclaimers.

Rule 10 - Rules and Regulations Governing Campaign Practices Under the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act.

The Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act