Available Forms


Electronic Filing

Statements and reports can be filed online in the FirstTuesday system.  All forms with the exception of the Conflict of Interest Disclosures can now be filed online.  A few advantages of using FirstTuesday include: Receiving reminders of upcoming filing dates and any missed filings via email; You can enter transactions throughout the reporting period such that a campaign statement will be substantially complete and ready to file on the closing date; Transactions that are entered do not have to be entered again they will be pulled into required filings; After you click File (or Submit for C-1 Filers), you’ll receive a notice on the following screen that the filing has been accepted; You don’t have to scramble for signatures to sign and scan in; You can still file after office hours on the due date; It doesn’t have the formatting issues that can happen when downloading the paper version; and, it’s easy to file amendments. Basically, it saves a tremendous amount of time in the long run. .

For more information about electronic filing including how to register online, please see the Electronic Filing Guides section on our Publications page. Note: if you already have an existing committee or entity registered with our office but now want to begin using FirstTuesday, please contact nadc@nebraska.gov to obtain log-in credentials.


Available Forms

If you would like copies of any of the forms listed below, please contact our office

The following forms may now be downloaded and completed on your pc. These forms work best with a word processing program such as Microsoft Word.


Statement of Organization of a Political Committee - NADC Form A-1

Statement of Dissolution of a Political Committee - NADC  Form A-2

Candidate and Ballot Question Committees Campaign Statement - NADC  Form B-1

    Form B-1  Schedule A (ONLY) Form B-1  Schedule B (ONLY)

Political Party Committee Campaign Statement - NADC  Form B-2

Report of Earmarked Contribution - NADC  Form B-3

PAC's or Independent Committees Campaign Statement - NADC  Form B-4

    Form B-4  Schedule A (ONLY) Form B-4  Schedule B-Section 1 (ONLY)

Report of Late Contributions - NADC  Form B-5 (The B-5 is required to be filed within 2 days)
              OR NADC Form B-5 to print and fill out by hand

Report of Independent Expenditure - NADC  Form B-6

Report of Political Contribution of a Corporation, Union, or Other Entity - NADC  Form B-7

Out of State Contribution Report - NADC  Form B-9

Agents Expenditure Report - NADC  Form B-10

Report of Late Independent Expenditure - NADC Form B-11  (File within 2 days)
               OR NADC Form B-11 to print and fill out by hand


Request for Relief from Late Filing Fees  Request for Relief form
               OR Request for Relief form to print and fill out by hand



2023 Statement of Financial Interests - NADC  Form C-1 for Calendar Year 2023

Left Office or Position Statement of Financial Interests - NADC Form C-1 for Left Office or Position



Potential Conflict of Interest Statement - NADC  Form C-2

Potential Conflict of Interest Statement - NADC  Form C-2A
(Village, City, School Officials Except Omaha and Lincoln Officials)

Contractual Interest Statement - NADC  Form C-3

Employment of Immediate Family Member - NADC  Form C-4


Lobbying Forms
Electronic Filing: Go to nebraskalegislature.gov  and click on “For Lobbyists” on the left.