View Campaign Filings, Personal Financial Disclosures, Potential Conflicts, Lobbying Reports, and more

Reports filed by candidate committees, PACs, ballot question committees, political party committees, businesses, individuals, public officials and other entities are available for public review in the FirstTuesday system.  If you're having trouble opening a statement or report it most likely is a browser issue, please see How to allow FirstTuesday pop-ups.  The following types of searches are available:


Candidate  -an easy way to find a candidate committee and view their filings

Committee/Business/Individual/Other  -search for any entity and view their filings including a required filing by an individual person that does not fall under any other category. If searching for an individual person, type their last name into the organization name box.

Contributions  -generates results from filings submitted by Filer/Recipient

Expenditures  -generates results from filings submitted by Filer/Payer/Transaction Source

Political Race  -compare candidate receipts and expenditures by office e.g., Governor

Election Summary Report  -generates Election year committee summaries of receipts and expenditures for any Committee type. (for CSV export see Report-KEY)

Data Download -provides comma separated value (CSV) downloads of Receipts or Expenditures data for each reporting year in a zipped file format.

View Older Campaign Filings (prior to 2022)  -search our previous campaign finance system. A data Download of the older data is also available on this page (one of the resulting downloaded files includes a document titled nadc_tables.rtf helps explain what the data entails).


Statements of Financial Interest (Form C-1)  -search for any/all C-1 filers and view their Personal Financial Disclosures


Potential Conflict of Interest Statement (Form C-2)  -search for individual C-2 filers by typing their last name into the organization name box. In the results, click on the individual name associated with the Individual Supplemental Filer type.

LOBBYING REPORTS and more (links outside of the NADC)

View Lobbyist and Principal Reports -search for lobbyists and principals that file with the Clerk of the Legislature. Note- our office does not maintain lobbyist and principal filings.

Other Information including links of interest outside of the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission.