Advisory Opinion 109

REQUESTED BY: John H. Albin of DeCamp Legal Services on behalf of Nebraskans for Another Look, Inc.

QUESTION: Are there reporting requirements under the Act which apply to a corporation using funds to challenge a state law through court action?




Advisory Opinion 202

Subject:  Conflicts of Interest/Financial Gain/Compensation Provided by Law
Requested By:  Larry J. Dix, Executive Director, Nebraska Association of County Officials (“NACO”)
Questions Presented: 
1)  May a county board member vote for him or herself for county board chair without violating the conflict of interest provisions within Neb. Rev. Stat. §49-1499.03? 

Advisory Opinion 201

Subject: Lobbying

Requested by: Paul E. Sullivan, Council of State Governments Justice Center

Question Presented: Do the proposed activities of the Council of State Governments Justice Center subsequent to the enactment of LB 605 constitute lobbying and require registration of a lobbyist?

Conclusion: No

Advisory Opinion 200

Subject:  Conflicts of Interest/Gifts

Requested By:  Duane W. Acklie

Question Presented:  Is the proposed Nebraska First Spouse’s Fund consistent with the provisions of the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act (“NPADA”)?

Conclusion:  Yes, with certain specified reservations

Advisory Opinion 199

SUBJECT: Conflicts of Interest/ Use of public personnel, resources, property or funds.

Requested by:  Thomas O. Mumgaard, Deputy Omaha City Attorney, on behalf of the Omaha City Council

Question Presented: Can Omaha Firefighters engage in campaign to raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association during on-duty time paid for with taxpayer funds and/or using City-owned uniforms and equipment?

Conclusion: No.

Advisory Opinion 198

Subject: Conflicts of Interest/Supervising a Family Member

Requested By: Sue Larson, Human Resources Administrator, Nebraska Department of Roads

Questions Presented: How do the provisions of LB 322 apply to a situation in which a newly promoted employee in the executive branch of state government will supervise a family member?

Conclusion: See analysis.