Advisory Opinion 037

REQUESTED BY: The Honorable John W. DeCamp, State Senator, Room 1116 State Capitol, Lincoln, Nebraska 68509

QUESTION: 1. May candidate committee funds be invested in interest bearing and other securities and in tangible personal property such as valuable coins?

2. If so, what are the reporting requirements?


1. Yes

2. See analysis for reporting requirements.


There is no prohibition in the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act to the investment of committee funds.

Advisory Opinion 036

REQUESTED BY: William F. Austin, Lincoln City Attorney, County-City Building, Lincoln, Nebraska 68508

QUESTION: Does the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act prohibit a municipality from establishing financial disclosure requirements for its officials?




Advisory Opinion 033

REQUESTED BY: The Honorable Rex Haberman, State Senator, State Capitol Lincoln, Nebraska 68509

QUESTION: May the candidate committee of a State Senator which has unexpended funds receive additional funds and make expenditures for travel and other related expenses when the Senator visits the communities of his district during a period in which there is no election?




The question presented in Request for Advisory Opinion No. 79-7 is as follows:

Advisory Opinion 032

REQUESTED BY: William B. Brandt, General Counsel, Nebraska Bankers Association

QUESTION: Must a trade association, which is a principal for a lobbyist, with a variable rate dues assessment and a budget for lobbying expenditures of approximately 5% report the name and address of each member from whom it has received more than $100 in any one month for lobbying purposes on the basis of approximately 5% of the total dues assessment paid by that member exceeding $100?


Advisory Opinion 031

REQUESTED BY: The Honorable Steve Fowler, State Senator

QUESTION: If a senator, using his or her personal funds, retains an attorney for a legal opinion which is distributed on the floor of the legislature to influence passage of legislation, does that attorney have to register as a lobbyist on behalf of that senator?