Committees - How to e-File Outline

COMMITTEES How to e-File Outline.pdf

Log In

  • To log in any time, go to Click on the  Filer Login  tab and then enter your credentials. You will then land on your Entity Overview Page.

Enter Transactions   (contributions, expenditures, pledges, and loans)

  • All activity must be entered as a transaction or it will not appear on the statement or report.
  • To enter transactions Hover over the  Financial  tab towards the top of the page and then click on the type of transaction you want to enter.
  • For entering contributions, only businesses which are populated or committees which are registered in the system will be available for you to choose.  If a committee is not found, you may search the public database for all committees, click on Committee Search.  Also you may contact our office to have an entity added into the system, please email a list to or ask to speak with David Hunter or Serena Dunn for help with the FirstTuesday filing system.
  • Special Note: the FirstTuesday Campaign Finance System is transaction-based. Only the exact transactions entered will appear on the required statement or report in the form of a financial amount. Ideally, it works best if you enter all contributors and payees, regardless of amount. The PDF statements and reports will only display amounts that are required (e.g., Form B-1 Schedules A and B will only display contributors who have given more than $250 within a calendar year, even if those giving less have been entered).  
  • Further note: for Candidate, Ballot Question, and Political Action Committees who must disclose all amounts on the Financial Summary- If you wish to keep the “$250 or less” contributors and payees entirely out of the system, you can instead use the already existing names “..250 or less..” to plug in lump sum amounts at the end of each reporting period (type 250 into the Name box and click Find). If using this method, keep in mind those lump sum transaction amounts may later need to be reduced and the filing amended if you have a contributor go over the 250 threshold later during the calendar year.

File Statements or Reports

  • To file a statement or report Click on the  Filings  tab towards the top of the page and you will land on the Filing Administration page.  Under Reports Due click on View/File of the Statement or Report you want to file. You will then land on the File Report page. First time filers must enter a beginning Cash Balance into the box Enter a Beginning Balance* directly under Report Summary. You can click on  Refresh Schedule Summary  to update the cash balance as viewed within the Report Summary. To submit the filing, scroll to the bottom of the page, check the signature verification box and click on  File .
  • Note that you will not be able to file any Statements or Reports listed under Reports Due if an amendment to a previous filing is required.  Under Filing History if Amendment Needed is displayed under the Status column, you must first Amend that filing to proceed on to the next required filing.

FirstTuesday General Information

  • FirstTuesday works best on a Desktop or Laptop computer using the following browsers: Microsoft Edge; Google Chrome; or Mozilla Firefox, however it might also work on a phone or tablet using those browsers.
  • Check that your browser settings are not preventing pop-up windows as the program occasionally has a pop-up window.

More Information

  • Please see our Campaign Statements and Reports STEP-BY-STEP e-File GUIDE on our publications page for further step by step instructions covering virtually all transaction situations.
  • Additional campaign finance related information, treasurers guides and brochures can also be found on our publications page at