Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission



A lobbyist is a person who attempts to affect matter before the Nebraska Legislature on behalf of another. A principal is the person or entity on whose behalf the lobbyist engages in lobbying activity. Lobbyists must register with the Clerk of the Legislature and file Quarterly Lobbyist Reports. A lobbyist quarterly report discloses the receipts and expenditures of the lobbyist. Within forty-five days after the end of the legislative session, lobbyists must file a Statement of Activity. Statements of Activity disclose which legislative bills the lobbyist supported or opposed on behalf of the principal. Principals must file Quarterly Principal Reports. A principal quarterly report discloses the receipts and expenditures of the principal.

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This website can be used to discover totals reported in any lobbyist or principal reporting category for any calendar quarter or groups of calendar quarter during any calendar year. For example, you can determine the total amount of compensation reported received by all lobbyists during a specific calendar quarter. Again, by way of example, you can determine the total lobbying expenditures by a specific lobbyist for all clients during a specific quarter. Detailed instructions are found on the page entitled View Registered Lobbyists Reports and the page entitled View Principal Reports.