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Available Forms

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The following forms may now be downloaded and completed on your pc. These forms work with Microsoft Word.

Request for Relief Form

Statement of Organization of a Political Committee - NADC Form A-1

Statement of Dissolution of a Political Committee - NADC Form A-2

Candidate and Ballot Question Committees Campaign Statement - NADC Form B-1

Form B-1 Schedule A (ONLY) Form B-1 Schedule B (ONLY)

Political Party Committee Campaign Statement - NADC Form B-2

Report of Earmarked Contribution - NADC Form B-3

Independent Committees - NADC Form B-4

Form B-4 Schedule A (ONLY) Form B-4 Schedule B-Section 1 (ONLY)

Report of Late Contributions - NADC Form B-5. (The B-5 is required to be filed within 2 days)

Report of Independent Expenditure - NADC Form B-6

Report of Political Contribution of a Corporation, Union, or Other Association - NADC Form B-7

Out of State Contribution Report - NADC Form B-9

Agents Expenditure Report - NADC Form B-10

Report of Late Independent Expenditure - NADC Form B-11

Statement of Financial Interests - NADC Form C-1

Potential Conflict of Interest Statement - NADC Form C-2

Potential Conflict of Interest Statement - NADC Form C-2A
(Village, City, School Officials Except Omaha and Lincoln Officials)

Contractual Interest Statement - NADC Form C-3

Employment of Immediate Family Member - NADC Form C-4


Lobbying Forms

Electronic Filing: Go to  and click on “For Lobbyists” on the left.



All forms, bulletins, and publications are available by writing or calling the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission.

P.O. BOX 95086
(402) 471-2522

Important Dates

Annual Campaign Statement for calendar year 2021 due 1/31/22.

2022 Election

2022 Statewide Primary Election - 5/10/22
1st Primary - 4/11/22
2nd Primary - 5/2/22
Post Primary - 6/21/22

2022 Statewide General Election - 11/8/22
1st General - 10/11/22
2nd General - 10/31/22
Post General - 1/17/23