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In November 2021 the Commission transitioned from its old electronic filing and display system to its FirstTuesday System

Filings Made After January 1, 2022 - These filings will be accessible for public review in FirstTuesday. Go to

Filings Made in 2021 - Filings made early in 2021 will available on the old system. Use the search function below to access these filings. Late filings may be found in FirstTuesday. Go to to view these filings.

Filings Made before 2021 - Filings made before 2021 will continue to be available for review in the old system. Use the search function below.

Important Note on Archived Information: Information in the old system will be archived, maintained and available for review, indefinitely. Archived information is not being transferred to the new system.

Many of the campaign filings displayed in the old system are based upon the paper records filed with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission. While every effort has been made to ensure accurate data input, errors may occur. Anyone noting an error is encouraged to contact this office.

In any discrepancy between the information displayed on this website and the official records of file with the Commission, the official records of the Commission take precedence.

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Special Note- Statements of Financial Interests

Statements of Financial Interests filed in 2021 or later are available for review at

Important Dates

Annual Campaign Statement for calendar year 2021 due 1/31/22.

2022 Election

2022 Statewide Primary Election - 5/10/22
1st Primary - 4/11/22
2nd Primary - 5/2/22
Post Primary - 6/21/22

2022 Statewide General Election - 11/8/22
1st General - 10/11/22
2nd General - 10/31/22
Post General - 1/17/23